Story Base: Episode VI  The Cosmic Balance


After the battle for the continuum, the hideous Greys have been vanquished.. The denizens of the multiverse return to their "normal" lives, carrying out their own passions. The timestream has apparently resumed its natural course. But unbeknownst to the peaceful races of varied realities, something sinister is afoot.

Gandalf the Grey, the evil alter-ego of the good wizard, is loose within the timestream. The actions of his ousted masters having awoken an unimaginable evil.

The stars are coming right again, and with them the Great Old Ones will be liberated from their aeons old prisons to roam free and spread chaos once more. That is, unless the multi-verse can band together in time to stop them.

On the planet below, Captain Hikaru Sulu commands a landing party from the starship Excelsior. He and his people will soon make the unfortunate discovery that something is horribly wrong

with the timestream....