Story Base: Episode 8  The Frayed Ends of Sanity


The year is 3050 in the Inner Sphere.  It is a time of great change.

Heralding the Return of Kerensky, the first of the Clans has begun to move in from beyond the periphery of known space.  They make themselves known at Twycross.

On the Planet, House Steiner-Davion presumes it is under yet another attack by the Draconis Combine.  But fate has other plans.

Through the misuse of the Force, the diabolical clone of the Evil Emperor Palpatine has also brought the full might of the Galactic Empire against the little known planet known as Twycross.  With the strategic genius Grand Admiral Thrawn in command of the assault, victory seems assured...

While the combined might of House Steiner-Davion futily attempts to oppose the Imperial forces and Clan technology, Wolf's Dragoons have arrived in an attempt to help turn the tide, along with other mercenaries, and Battlemech companies from throughout the Federated Sun's Empire.

The presence of others however, signals an unknown hand at work.  The crew of the Super Dimensional Fortress 3 jumps to aid the bereaved defenders of Twycross.  In addition, the flagship of the United Federation of Planets has joined forces with the massed fleet of the New Republic to stop the evil.

On board the Starship USS Enterprise, Captain James Tiberious Kirk tries to make sense of all that has happened...