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    Not much is known about the SB428 Cipher Manuscript.  It bears the title, "De Aequilibriatis Mundi" (Of the Balance of the World)  in prominent letters on a detailed frontispiece bearing elaborate calligraphy.  The title page appears to be a warning from a would-be translator of the document in 1842.  Portions of  the manuscript itself have dated to as much as 1200 years older.  Other portions, though identical in appearance, have dated in parchment and in inks to be of more recent construction (as recent as 1945).

    Several pages are known to be missing and, although he denies all such allegations, are believed to be in the company of one Dr. Henry Jones Jr. (University of Chicago, Dept. of Archaeology).  Eerie legends surround the SB428 Manuscript, but as this is the case surrounding many of the texts kept in the Special Collections, least of all mentioning the Liber Ivonis, The Golden Hind, De Vermis Mysteriis, and the Malleus Maleficarum.  Prospective translators are warned not to take the task lightly as it has been documented by several sources that the text on the pages of the manuscript actually change with the passage of time.

Scanned photostats of selected pages are made available for the curious here.

Photostatic copies of the document in its entirety are available upon request.  Requests will be considered with the maximum of scholarly necessity in mind.  Please send requests to:

Miskatonic University, Attn: Special Collections

Arkham, Massachusetts

Read the Card Catalogue Entry about the SB428 Cipher Manuscript, detailing the history of the mysterious document.

See the photostats of the actual memo attached to the manuscript when it arrived at Miskatonic Univerisity August 12, 1947.  (Pilfered by a gracious anonymous government source from the infamous Delta Green Archives.)

lttr_pg1.JPG (175767 bytes)

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See photostats from selected pages of the elusive SB428 manuscript.  We have transcribed some of Dr. J. Armitage's notes on the selected pages to give you an idea of what you are seeing.

pg02.JPG (204033 bytes)

 warning from possible translator.  date and eulogy from 1842.  Abbey of Tarravola? -- unable to find.

pg04.jpg (233311 bytes)

possible depiction of a Cthonian? accompanied by medieval script resembling Bacon/Dee scripts.  Norse Runes? unknown text and Egyptian Meriotic script.

(Note.  text appears to have been written and erased and re-written several times.)

pg15.JPG (174062 bytes)

Algebra page.  Mathematical calculations.  descriptions of proportions.  Solar System?

pg17.JPG (205027 bytes)

trsl. of Egyptian meriotic and 'Bacon'/'Dee' script?

Anubis? Embalming? Elixir of Life?

pg24.JPG (162670 bytes)

medieval trnscr.  descriptive passage possibly as lexicon of some sort.  Depictions of non-human entity holding round object...(Dr. Jones seems to think represent 'Star Gate')...Depiction of "Deep One" see D'erlette's Cultes pgs. 64 & 84-86

pg26.jpg (177449 bytes)

Great Cthulhu?  Corresponds w/ similar bas-relief recovered in Greenland(1926) and LA statuette attributed to Insp. LeGrasse (1908)

see MS "Narr. of Insp. J.R. Legrasse--Notes on same, & Prof. Webb's Acct." by Prof. H.P.L.

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